Not Defeated

Lucy laying on iceAs many of you are aware, I had been operating Wild Earth Refuge out of my home until a complaint was placed that incidentally had nothing to do with wildlife rehabbing. As a registered charity we met all the Ministry of Natural Resources’ requirements (and even exceeding them in some cases) In the hopes of continuing operations at the peak of baby season, we delegated in front of Oshawa City councilors. We came to the agreement that wildlife rehabilitation and rescue was a valuable resource, but the municipality offered no solutions other than forcing me to shut down. Leaving us with unreasonable limitations, but we refuse to be defeated.

I began to search immediately for a new location. However, when a person runs an organization out of their home, the costs are substantially lower than if they are forced to purchase/lease an additional property to run the organization out of, which is what the municipality has forced me to do.

Even with the shared strength and generosity of all my supporters, I am not yet in a position when I can incur the costs of running a rehabilitation centre.

But I’m not giving up.

This just means that I need to, again, adjust the timeline I was hoping to moving things along on. We would like to open a fully functional rehabilitation centre in our preferred location (the Town of Clarington, which has kindly offered us support).

As we proceed with the plan for Clarington, like usual, I will be focused on rescuing wildlife and putting my advanced certifications to use. Of course I will still be available to assist with wildlife questions, and I will use all the tools at my disposal to help find appropriate facilities for wildlife in need.

Wild Earth Refuge is not defeated.

For the animals,


PS: If you, or anyone you know has experience in major gift fundraising, or has “the scoop” on a potential property in Clarington, or wants to know more about how a charitable contribution to Wild Earth Refuge works for tax purposes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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