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Wild Earth Refuge offers emergency rescue and care to wildlife under various circumstances, including due to injury, sickness, or have become orphaned. Despite an abundance of wildlife in the community, we are the only organization that offers this service.

There is no shortage of predicaments that wildlife can end up in, especially with the ever-encroaching urbanization of traditionally wild spaces. With the proper trainer professionals and the right safety equipment, Wild Earth Refuge is prepared for all types of rescues.

I am an authorized wildlife rehabilitator with decades of experience working with wildlife in urgent situations. I have received additional training for safe emergency rescues, and to date, have led over one hundred rescues.

Wild Earth Refuge is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organization. We receive no government funding and rely entirely on your support to continue our lifesaving operations.

Because Wild Earth Refuge does not currently have a facility, once an animal is rescued, he/she is provided with a safe, warm environment, (and triage care if necessary) before the animal is transported to a wildlife rehab facility.

Additionally, we work closely with the community to offer humane alternatives to any wildlife conflicts that may arise.

Credentials (up to date as of 03/26/2017):

  • Canadian Wildlife Service permit
  • Rabies Certified and Vaccinated
  • Rescue Rope Awareness
  • Working on Ice Safely
  • Swift Water Rescue Operation
  • Canadian Safety Council-Ladder safety
  • Authorized Wildlife Authorization

For the Animals,
Kelli Polsinelli
President/Founder of Wild Earth Refuge



  • jasmine says:

    this is awesome mum!!!!!

  • scott gibb says:

    I am an officer with the Whitby Animal Services and interested in meeting with you and discussing wildlife that are injured or sick and working with your organiztion.
    CELL – 905-261-1186

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  • Sheila Grandy says:


    I brought a baby black squirrel to you last fall and it was determined that it got too cold too fast to release him before winter set in. You were going to keep him over the winter and plan a release in the Spring. I am still very willing and wanting to have him released back into our backyard. We have two very large trees that can each accommodate a squirrel box/nest (we are happy to purchase both). Please let me know your thoughts.

    Best regards,


  • Jennifer says:

    Just wondering if you considered starting a crowdfunding site as a way to raise funds for a new location? Obviously the need is there but not a lot of people are aware of what you do or that you even exist! I’ve lived in Oshawa for 7 yrs now and had no clue that there was a wildlife rehab place here.
    I suggest trying to set up on Indiegogo http://www.indiegogo.com and just get the word out thru social media. It’s amazing how quickly little donations of $5 and $10 will add up when people all over the world start donating. there are lots of other websites out there you could use but this just happens to be one I know of. I wish you luck!

  • Rachael says:

    As Jennifer said before me, please consider setting up a crowdfunding website to help raise the funds you need. Someone had a potato salad fundraiser be successful once, so something as important as this is sure to be successful 🙂 I had no idea Oshawa had such an organized rehabilitation centre before! I hope you can raise what you need and thrive in the future

  • Julie says:

    Hi Kelli,

    How much money is still needed for your new facility? Have you found a location yet?


  • Maurisss says:

    Hi Kelli, are you still not accepting volunteers?

  • joanne pridie says:

    Hi kelly iwork at Hillsdale estates nursing home on oshawa blvd. in osh. We have had foxes running around and people have been feeding them. A memo came out today that says that they are a danger and if people dont stop feeding them they will be killed is there anything you can do to save them their excuse is that they can only move them 1 kilo from where you pick them up so if you can help that would be great. Let me know if you find out anything. thanks Joanne.

  • Clara Restrepo says:

    I just found a fox in poor condition eating the food that I leave for birds in my back porch, I would like to know if you can rescue it and leave it in appropriate habitat, I live in Durham and can’t find an association for wild life, all are dogs and cats adoption.

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