Help Save Lives: Be a “Winter Sponsor”

2014 has been an exciting year for us! While it’s only our second year of providing a vital service to sick, injured or orphaned wildlife in our community of Durham, we already see that the need is even higher than we anticipated. The number of wildlife coming through our doors has doubled, which has meant chaotic schedules, and many sleepless nights-but these are small prices to pay for saving lives.

Saw Whet Owl 2

Though we are licensed by the Ministry of Natural resources, we receive no funding from them. We rely on donations from people like you. Without you, we would of not been able to help the myraid animals we have saved this season (including the coyote pups who were orphaned at a busy construction site, or the chipmunk who was being strangled by pond mesh). And let’s not forget the steady flow of orphaned wildlife who came to us dehydrated, injured and starving, and who were treated and returned to their wild homes.  DSC05630 - Copy

As the familiar coolness starts to fill the air, we are thinking back to the high volume of animals we treated last fall and winter, who found the weather especially difficult. We are preparing to meet the demands of what will likely be an equally challenging winter.

Your contribution directly saves lives. You help provide life-saving specialized food and medication. You help provide the housing required to maximize comfort as each animal recovers. You help us reach the goal we have for every wild creature we rehabilitate: to get them healthy and strong back out into the wild where they belong. We thank you for all the lives you’ve saved with us already, and hope you’ll continue on this journey with us.

DSC04735Winter intake are almost always injured , thereby requiring specialized and longterm care (until spring). By “sponsoring” an animal over the upcoming winter with a donation you’ll help us provide lifesaving care for one of the many animals-pigeons,opossums,mergansers to name a few-we’ll meet this winter. Please visit to make a contribution. No amount is too small.

opossum 090714

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us do this this work. I know that together, we will continue to make a big difference to the small creatures we share this community with.


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