Give Fur Back to the Animals

 Fur for Orphans

The fur iStock_000006493937Mediumindustry wants you to believe the fur trim on your jacket didn’t cause any animal suffering, but you know the  truth.  Fur is not green, all natural and has nothing to do with conservation.  So what can you do now that the trim on your jacket feels more like a grave stone, than a fashion statement?

Wild Earth Refuge would like to encourage you to give your fur back to the animals.  Fur trim on jackets is unnecessary and can be easily removed.  Donating the fur to aid in rehabilitation of an injured or orphaned animal helps us provide a more natural environment.  The fur will be given to authorized wildlife rehabilitators where it will be disassembled and turned into bedding  providing warmth and comfort.  A kind of surrogate mother to orphaned and injured wildlife.  Fur from trim, full length coats, hats, mitts , muffs are all welcome.  Condition is unimportant.  Once received we will send you a thank you card with some special information so that come spring time you will be sent a picture of the wild animal your donation is helping.

If you are a wildlife Rehabilitator and would like to be part of this program, or would like to inquire how to donate fur.

Please contact

Coyote pup (1)


Wild Earth refuge is aware of the chemicals used in preserving fur.  We have looked into this very important issue  Please be assured that fur has been used to help comfort injured and orphaned wildlife for years, and we have not seen any illness as a result.



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